Christopher Marcisz

Williamstown, MA

Christopher Marcisz

Writes, edits, walks the dog, jams econo. Teaches at @WilliamsCollege, writes for the @BerkshireEagle,


Digging Up the Past

In 1962, Soviet police fired on a crowd of peaceful demonstrators in the industrial city of Novocherkassk. It was one of the biggest domestic disturbances over the 70 years of Soviet rule. Yet even today, for Russians, the event is shrouded in misinformation, rumor, and myth.
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Christopher Marcisz

I'm a writer and editor currently based in western Massachusetts. I'm a frequent contributor to The Berkshire Eagle in Pittsfield, Mass., my work has also appeared in The Boston Globe, the International Herald Tribune, The Moscow News, Russian Life magazine, and Williams magazine.

For many years, I was the Eagle's North Adams bureau, while also writing about the arts and contributing editorials and OpEd columns. I began my career with the international editions of Newsweek, and later covered national energy policy in Washington.

I'm originally from western Massachusetts, and went to the University of Pennsylvania, where I studied English and History. I also graduated from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

I'm currently based in Williamstown, Massachusetts, and have also lived in Moscow, where I was the sports columnist for The Moscow News, and in Budapest, where I was a book editor for a university press.

I also teach courses in nonfiction and journalism at Williams College. There's more of my writing at



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